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Vendors Instruction

Uniquips is an easy to use global market place and directory for professional manufacturer/supplier, distributer and retailer who offer their equipment and services!

Sign up your business and set up your Uniquips page with information about your business and the products or services you are offering. An image need to be included alongside the description as well.

Uniquips features:

  • Free signup and Business listing.
  • Using Uniquips Plus for 180 days free.

Uniquips Plus features:

  • Business listing
  • Sell Products, Equipment& Supplies
  • Admin Tool (Automated and full control of shipping, products and sales)
  • Provide and sell services
  • Direct contact with customers 
  • Offer Rental Equipment
  • No contract
  • Negotiate Products with customers
  • Easy tool for quantity sales (Wholesale)
  • Product variety sales
  • Loyalty program
  • Featured listing (Extra cost)
  • Video listing (Extra cost)
  • Don't sale, don't pay
  • Product upload via excel/.csv
  • Create your own shipping options
  • Sales control tool
  • Referral benefits
  • No merchant costs

Please confirm your account setup after receiving a Uniquips confirmation e-mail. Uniquips will review your business after sign up and activate the account. Therefore, ensuring everything is accurately described is really important, over-promising and under-delivering does not just disappoint the customer, but can cause problems with your reputation on the site or a termination of his business on Uniquips. The vendor is responsible for all the content of his business (Please view terms and conditions)

It makes a difference to describe all services and products accurately, providing potential customers with as much information as possible alongside with a good description and an image. Delivering more sales as a result.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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