How It Works



1. Find your vendor, product or service through an easy search and category system

2. Purchase your products and services and choose your delivery options.

3. Vendor contact you with the necessary delivery information.

4. Review your experience to inform others of the quality of service on offer




1. Sign up with Uniquips at he “Sell with Us/Join Us” section.

2. After your Sign up, you must verify your Business.

3. Now you are ready to go. Log in to use the Uniquips seller tool to list products and services.




This Marketplace is designed for vendors and customers around the world who can sell and negotiate specific products, equipment and services. Our extensive search facility is easy to use and allows you to find the product or service you need quickly.

Business directory, products, equipment & supplies, rental equipment, direct communication with customers and vendors, negotiate, features business listing options, video listing, loyalty programs, product upload via excel/.csv, easy tool for quantity sales (Wholesale), admin Tool (Automated and full control of shipping, products and sales), referral benefits and this without contract and merchant cost.

Everything in a trusted and secure environment for the vendor and the customer.

It sounds simple, because it is, and that is the beauty of Uniquips.