Frequently Asked Questions
• The vendor will send a tracking number where you can follow the shipment progress. • Contact the seller directly over Uniquips if any questions arise. • Log in to your Uniquips account and view the status of your order.
1.) Send an e-mail to with the order number and reason. 2.) If there is a shipping damage, please send pictures as well. 3.) We get in contact with the vendor and provide you the necessary return shipping information if needed.
• Yes, a registration allows you to review your account, order status, history, invoices and more.
• The shipping costs vary on the vendor, product, distance and shipping type; standard/overnight. • The shipping information will be given from the vendor directly before completing your purchase.
• Deepens on the amount of the shipment and country of destination. • A “threshold” is the minimum declared value a shipment must have for it to be subject to customs duty. Example: “threshold” is $200 and the order is below = No import tax is required. • We provide an approximate calculation but do not charge them. The receiver is responsible for it and will be usually contacted from customs. • Tariff codes for customs will be provided from Vendors • No import tax between the European Union